Pinfolio Pro book

  • $60.00

PinFolioPro is a revolutionary pin bag that easily converts into a backpack.  

Three convenient ways to carry: handles, shoulder strap, or backpack straps
Rear pouch to conceal backpack straps when not in use
Distinct surface to place pins without the need for pin backs
Protective sheets to protect pins from scratches
5 spacious double sided puncturable pages 
Cleverly designed to maximize every inch of page surface
Effortlessly position and reposition pins over and over for the perect fit and display
Reorganize pins in minutes not hours
Zippered pocket on front
Zippered interior pocket 
Two colors to choose from
High quality fabric & stitching

You will be amazed at the amount of pins the PinFolioPro holds and displays!  

The dimensions of the PinFolio Pro are 13.5" x 11.5". The interior pages are 12.5" x 10". There are 6 pages.